A PV Solar Rollup

The Stellr Approach

Our process begins with identifying undervalued solar businesses that possess robust infrastructure but lack efficient marketing and sales processes. Acquiring these companies at an advantageous price sets the stage for implementing proven sales and marketing strategies, including enhancing their online presence, crafting compelling offers, and amplifying lead generation efforts through strategic partnerships with the Stellr network.

Through these strategic partnerships and cross-promotion opportunities we further bolster the company's position within the solar industry. By incorporating these steps into a comprehensive acquisition strategy, the struggling solar company will be positioned for significant growth and long-term success.

“It’s hard to beat a person who keeps showing up everyday.

It shifts from winning to outlasting. A very different game.”

-Alex Hormozi

We attract great partners with world class sales experience and massive sales teams. The Stellr leadership team has been involved at the highest levels at some of the top names in solar including Vivint, Solar City, Sun Run, and Lumio to name a few.

Our team has access to a network of over 15,000 sales professionals and nearly 500 executive level leaders at top solar companies around the country. 


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